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Orlando Magic Draft Review 🏀

Round 1, Pick 6 - Mohammad Bamba, Center - Texas

Bamba comes to the NBA with the widest wingspan ever recorded at 7 feet, 10 inches. As ESPN noted, that’s almost the width of a city bus. The instant expectation is Bamba will block. A lot of shots around the rim, adding a bit of an intimidation factor to go along side Bismak Biamobo. There’s also the hope Bamba’s offensive game grows as he gains experience and gets stronger in the gym.

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Round 2, Pick 35 - Melvin Frazier Jr., Shooting guard - Tulane

Another pick to fortify the team’s defense and add length, Frazier is extremely athletic. He comes in with a wingspan around 7 feet, 3 inches. It should be fun to watch the potential show of Frazier and Aaron Gordon.

Round 2, Pick 43 - Justin Jackson, Small forward - Maryland

Again, Jackson is very long with a wingspan of 7 feet, 2 inches. It’s obvious the goal is for the Magic to not let offenses travel anywhere and Jackson should help them achieve that.

More on Frazier and Jackson here.

All in all, the focus for the Magic was size and length to boost their defense. Long arms are tough to get around and get over and they clog up passing lanes more often. They also can be a bit tougher to defend, especially in post up situations. I think the Magic did well and I look forward to seeing these new kids in the Summer League in July.