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🏀 Warriors' Kevin Durant sees Kings as 'team to be reckoned with soon' - ESPN

“That’s the fourth game that we deserved to lose against this team,” Warriors star Kevin Durant said after Thursday night’s 125-123 win over the Kings. “But [we] just figure it out at the end of the games. … Sometimes you’re not going to win it with the team game and the way we always play. Sometimes you’re just going to have to play streetball, you know what I’m saying? I think tonight, throughout spurts of the game, both teams did that.”

This game was close throughout and this has certainly been a trend with Warriors-Kings games this year. Buddy Hield looked really good early before cooling off, finishing with 19 points. That said, Hield is averaging 20.5 per game. Remember, he was the prized part the Pelicans sent to the Kings in the DeMarcus Cousins trade, in which it was said at the time the Kings had gotten fleeced by then Pels GM Dell Demps.

Two years later, Hield & the Kings are growing, Cousins is a Warrior, and Dell Demps is out of a job. This only furthers my stance of not overblowing every trade for the near term. These things can play out years down the road to look entirely opposite of what they originally seemed.