I think this means I’ve reached hooligan status. Got club and country covered. ⚽️

It occurred to me I hadn’t fully accessorized my bookshelf since moving into the new place. This is better.

Fireworks celebrating the opening of the Cornhusker State Games.

Rainbow at sunrise.

His vet says he’s a senior cat now, but I just witnessed some of the youngster still inside him.

It’s a humid night for baseball. ⚾️

I think he’s comfortable.

Hanging out with the American Outlaws tonight. ⚽️

Shelf cloud moving through this morning.

The view out my bay window.

Bird watching.

I’ve taken the week off from work so I can get settled as I finish moving. Remy has enjoyed me being around.

Snoring and dreaming.

I think the little guy is adjusting to the new place.

Walking into my new place for the first time. I love this freaking window!

IMG 0900 📷 Good night for baseball.
📍Haymarket Park, Lincoln, NE

IMG 0888
📷 Balls
📍 Marz Bar, Lincoln, NE

Little guy is nice and relaxed tonight.

Here’s Remy pushing his bowl off the floor so he can sniff underneath it for food. Fat cat tendencies die hard.

When you’re just trying to do therapy on yourself, but your cat wants the baseball you’re rolling under your foot.

I can still see the kitten in him. 🐈

Just in the past hour, I’ve caught three instances of Remy coming to check his food dish. The last time he looks really annoyed by the lack of food.

Distinguished jerk.

Morning snooze.