I’ve taken the week off from work so I can get settled as I finish moving. Remy has enjoyed me being around.

I think the little guy is adjusting to the new place.

Walking into my new place for the first time. I love this freaking window!

IMG 0900 📷 Good night for baseball.
📍Haymarket Park, Lincoln, NE

IMG 0888
📷 Balls
📍 Marz Bar, Lincoln, NE

Little guy is nice and relaxed tonight.

I can still see the kitten in him. 🐈

Distinguished jerk.

Morning snooze.

I voted for mayor today! Got my sticker and my cookie to prove it.

The chicken I made must be pretty good, since Remy has come back for seconds.

Rainy day.

I was taking my walk after work and saw these two grazing on their own.

Be careful what you wish for.

I’ve had a small bag of what I’ve been calling BeastMode Skittles. At Marshawn Lynch’s BeastMode Store in Seattle, there’s a Skittles vending machine which will give you an 8 oz paper cup full for free. I’m hoping by putting them in a candy jar that I’ll actually eat them now.

Final game of the year.

Seattle Mariners v. Kansas City Royals

Not a bad view!

Lunchtime view. A nice day has shaped up after a foggy morning.

Hungry eyes.

Sleepy boy. 🐈

Still chilly.

I picked up a couple new Funko Pops yesterday:

Michael Jordan

Wayne's World - Wayne & Garth

It was worth getting outside and walking through a couple thigh high snow drifts when I get to see sunsets like this.

To think we’ll be adding to this pile outside my apartment window this weekend.

Watching geese fly past will always be one of my favorite things about winter in Nebraska.